Website Analysis & Optimization

Our goal is to help small businesses owners make better decisions when deciding where to spend their marketing budgets both online and offline. We do this by analyzing the results of current marketing campaigns, identifying key performance indicators (KPIs), understanding and uncovering buyer personas, and then optimizing or implementing new programs designed to increase lead generation and sales.

Marketing Analysis

We use a combination of sales data, web analytics and services like Google WebMaster Tools to make decisions when optimizing any marketing campaign and for market research, which is vital to today’s small businesses. Through analyzing sales data we can pinpoint under and over preforming marketing campaigns, create programs that drive repeat business and give you better insight into your sales organization and trends.

Website Analysis

When analyzing websites we look at traffic patterns to understand what drives conversions, uncover new opportunities and see how visitors interact with the website. We also analyze websites to see if they have a clear and usable design, deliver what visitors expect and if the goals of the website are inline with the companies marketing objectives. Additional services include, search engine optimization (SEO) audits to evaluate the websites structure, performance and content, then fixing anything that is hindering performance.

Analyze Your Marketing

If you need assistance measuring or managing your marketing campaigns or need assistance with analyzing your websites performance we are here to help.  Call or email us today at 805-380-5494.