Outsourced Marketing

Small Business owners often don’t have the in-house capacity, knowledge or skills to effectively manage their marketing campaigns, websites and online presence, or to preform data intensive marketing analysis to gauge results. Outsourcing theses duties to a marketing professional may be the perfect solution for them to compete against competitors who spend the time and/or money to effectively manage these duties and who then capture the majority of local leads or traffic.

Why Outsourced Marketing

If you or your staff do not have the skills, time or knowledge necessary to manage your businesses marketing its time to look at outsourced marketing as a solution. It is often more cost effective to outsource these duties than to hire someone full-time and there are other benefits businesses realize when they outsource their marketing. Two key benefits of outsourced marketing for businesses include: reduction in staff management duties, and gaining a senior-level marketing professional on your team.

At Patina Marketing, we serve as the outsourced “in-house” marketing department for businesses. We help businesses analyze and optimize their current marketing campaigns, websites, develop mobile responsive websites, build relevant inbound links designed to increase rank in search results and  work to increase your leads, sales and revenue.

Interested in Outsourced Marketing?

If this sounds like something that might be a good fit for your business contact Patina Marketing about outsourcing your marketing today. You can reach us by email  or at 805-380-5494.