Website Design

We specialize in developing websites that convert visitors into leads and customers through strategic website design and website optimization. Using fundamental website design techniques for navigation, content and messaging businesses can increase conversions simply by optimizing their website. If you have not optimized your website using the best practices of website design, your website is not designed for mobile devices, or your website fails the 3 second blink test – if visitors can’t find what they can do on a page within 3 seconds – your website may be failing to achieve your business objectives.

Websites Designed to Convert

It’s no accident that some websites convert visitors into customers, while others don’t. In order to design a website that turns visitors into leads or customers a website must deliver on its promise to its target audience and the sales strategy of the website: What are visitors looking for? Is it easy to find information or buy a product or service?

By answering these questions and others clearly and concisely the design of a website can be improved by following techniques that enhance the navigation, content, messaging and overall usability.

Mobile Ready Websites

With more people using their mobile devices to browse the internet, it has become increasingly important to create websites that work across multiple platforms seamlessly.  Simply put, one size doesn’t fit all and that includes websites. Today websites need to be designed for mobile devices and desktop users and we do this by developing responsive websites where only the most relevant information is displayed to mobile visitors.  This simply means that a website has been developed and designed in a manner that allows the website to change its layout as users with different mobile devices, tablets or various computers access a website.  The mobile version displayed for mobile visitors is also designed be easy to use and focus on your business objectives.  A side benefit of responsive website design is that we plan and design your website once and do not build a separate mobile site for mobile visitors.

Need a Mobile Ready Website?

If you want a mobile ready website that is designed with your business goals and objectives  in mind we would love to hear from you. You can reach us by email or call us at 805-380-5494.