Local Search: Survive and be Successful

Another article on local search and social media today emphasized the need for small businesses to focus on their online marketing strategies for 2012.  Its another reminder that In the past having a website seemed to be “good enough” for most small businesses, but in  today’s world the changes that Google and Bing have made to their algorithms small businesses have to consider revamping their pre-web 2.0 websites, create relevant content constantly, building solid backlinks and participate in social media.  Its no small feat, but its doable for small businesses to step into this next phase of online marketing quickly and there are many outsourced marketing firms, like Patina Marketing, that can help them along the way.  If a small business wants to survive and be successful today, its time to concentrate on local search and building their social media plan before their competitors beat them to it.  http://bit.ly/tM5Qno

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